Some foods affect your oral health.

Here are some foods that can be considered harmful to your teeth if you eat more . Therefore , you should avoid eating them constantly .

1 . The acidic foods

Dr. Dabholkar said that acidic foods are bad for your teeth because it makes enamel eroded away . He said that after eating foods such as oranges , lemons , grapefruit and tomato … You should brush your teeth , rinse your mouth thoroughly to reduce the backlog acid on the teeth , causing tooth enamel causing tooth destruction becomes sensitive .

2 . The starchy foods

We tend to consume a lot of junk food or foods containing starch without knowing their effects on your teeth . Some starchy foods such as potato chips , white bread , pizza , pasta and burgers … can be easily trapped between teeth .

Although these foods do not have roads but they soon starch converted into sugar almost immediately because the process of digestion begins in the mouth , it is also harmful to the teeth .

3 . Soft drinks , energy drinks

Sugary drinks such as carbonated beverages , especially energy drinks are bad for your teeth if you drink them regularly . Dr Jaradi said : ” Soft drinks are the leading sugar-containing foods that children and adolescents or drink . Besides , it also contains phosphoric and citric acids erode tooth enamel .”


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