Tips steaming hot rice as delicious cold rice

God is very cold winter so cold rice from noon to dusk fast to be dry and hard . It would be a waste if you ignore the cold rice . Many people brought cooked rice cooled down again but will do a light lunch . The most effective way to save is to bring cold steamed rice . But interesting way to get the plastic bowl of rice fragrant rice as a new application has to be secret , sisters and offline reference !
Cold Steamed rice with rice cooker
This method is simple and effective . Can you give some water into the rice cooker , then cooled rice into a bowl and put in the pot . Next, turn on the button and just a few minutes to cook rice is cooked hot but also as new .
Steamed rice cooled microwave
If you do not like steamed rice with rice cooker , you can steamed rice cooled microwave good as new rice cooked , not dry at all .
Sisters just for cold rice bowl ( for use in the microwave ) . Get membrane sealed food rice bowl again . Then rotate the pot microwave , rice is very tasty and not dry .
Steamed rice with new
If you ‘re new rice is cooked add the cold rice can also into new rice steamed together by : Wait exhausted after new rice cooker , rice salt just cut a little cold rice in place . Then pour some hot water into it and let it cool on rice , rice get new earth backfill .


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