Education at home, the answer to the problems of education today?

First of all , let’s look at the most important elements of creativity : ideas . Another idea requires people forced to ” run ” it immediately , do not hesitate to be . What happens if you think she ‘s a good dance ? She can data or geographical math when all that is going on in my head the other creative dance ? Flexibility of home education is an extremely clear advantage compared with school education . With children creatively inclined , this is more important than many times the normal child .
On the other hand , promote creativity does not mean that you have to ” sacrifice ” the basic knowledge . Try to think of the history lesson , where your son can draw on the great battle , drawing the great men of history . The boy will surely promote gifted his painting vacung can learn academic knowledge important . Between this and learning how to ” book banning rote ” , what better way for your child? The answer is pretty obvious .
In a home school environment , pressure from tests , assignments and criticism will be reduced a lot . Most importantly , children’s education at home not being molded into the conventional way of evaluating schools .


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