Game affecting a child’s health like?

In many summer games , electronics is ” food ” that most kids love . If not controlled , they can not play all day bored . And this is the cause of harm to the health of children .
According to researchers , there is an association between playing electronic games with the increase in obesity and the damage caused by excessive use of arms . Sit around while playing also increases the risk of suffering from bone and joint problems such as back pain , neck pain , headaches . Although electronic games bring joy to children and provide some definite benefits , but parents should always keep in mind that moderation will be the key to reducing health problems for their children
Electronic games health impact how ?
1 . The damage caused by excessive use of hands
thumb would risk hurting the thumb extensor tendon .
2 . obesity
There is an intimate relationship between videogame playing and the risk of obesity . The more you spend a lot of time with computers, increasing the risk of obesity more
3 . The bone problems , joint
Playing video games for a long time will arise some problems with bones , joints causing shoulder pain , neck pain and headaches .
4 . Affect the eye
Playing video games for too long will cause eye strain caused by the eye to regulate more . When eyestrain children will feel blurred vision and headaches .


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