Instructions on how to choose the best smartphone photo shoot

Smartphone equipped with 16MP camera can capture images extremely sharp but camera 8 ” dots ” are even more beautiful photograph . Why this paradox ?

Currently most of the smartphones such as the iPhone 5 , Galaxy S3 , HTC Droid DNA , Blackberry Z10 …. are standard equipped with 8MP camera . Many people think , ” dots ” growing up as strokes and photographic manufacturers are racing to increase the ” dot ” for camera phones .

However, the ” dots ” not totally ensure crisp photographic quality . So let the beautiful photographs depends on many factors such as size camera , lens materials , light sensors , image processing hardware and software
A number of important factors : image sensor
Most professional photographers and photography novice TOE will say that the most important factor in sensor systems is because this is the component of light absorption . On the other hand , the size of the image sensor is extremely important . In general , the larger the sensor , the more pixels . Pixel , the more light you gather as much . More light , you can take better photos .

That explains why the camera ‘s 8MP camera to capture better images of the 8MP camera smartphone .


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