Language is always in need of training

Language is the phenomenon of social history arose during the practical activities of man . In languages ​​with short lived thanks to which man is capable of implementing the communication process to exchange thoughts , feelings his experiences with others , language plays an enormous role in the psychological process of most people are aware of … So the language training is very important for the development of the human psyche .

Here are some suggestions for language training :

1 . It should cultivate the habit of exercise , which increases language by reading books, newspapers , books …
2 . Train and better use native language
3.can learning and cultivate additional capital to easily improve their foreign language information widely .
5.Ren practice written language through education at an early age to increase thinking ability .
6.Can in improving cultural knowledge to communicate in the language monologue effectively .
7 . Actively participate in activities such as presentations , speaking in public for the ability to use language monologue trained .
8 . Regular communication skills training in the crowd to increase confidence in the ability of communication and language capital .


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