Mexican President suggested renaming the country

Mexican President Felipe Calderon has sent a bill to parliament , to replace the country’s official name
The current official name , the United States of Mexico ( United Mexican States ) , launched in 1824 , after the country ‘s independence from Spain and to compete with its northern neighbor , the United States USA ( United States of America ) . This name is used in most official documents , on currency and other government documents .
And now President Calderon of Mexico simply want to change , as the name that the world has ever known .
Mr. Calderon , who will leave office on 1/12 next , said Mexico is no longer any need to copy any foreign powers .
” The name of our country no longer needs to compete with the names of other countries ,” Mr Calderon said at a news conference . “Sorry to say my way , but the name of Mexico is Mexico .”
Calderon first suggested renaming the country as a senator in 2003 , but the bill when it is not given a vote.
Calderon ‘s bill must be approved by both chambers as well as the majority of the legislature in 31 states of Mexico .
The bill comes just a week before Calderon leaves office , some people believe that it is only symbolic in nature .
Mr. Calderon will empower President-elect Enrique Pena Nieto .


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