Applying body language in foreign language teaching .

Thus , it is clear that we can not deny the importance and power of body language in communication in general . Especially in foreign language teaching , while mastering some skills cothe common language , the teacher will not only accurately read nonverbal signals from the students, but also know how to use a non-verbal language effectively in presentation , communication and foreign language teaching better .
In fact , success in foreign language teaching is also associated with skill level and use non-verbal language . A lecture or make up the charismatic teacher trainees being clever combination of elements of language, tone of voice and body language ( posture , gestures , eye contact , smile … ) . In the lecture , the teacher’s gaze also serves to convey information and express feelings , his enthusiasm , and influence spread to the listener .
The teachers understand and use proper body language of the two different cultures is extremely important to help convey the content , the meaning of words , phrases , idioms , grammar , …. a fast and accurate way , help teach the practice of conversation was lively and easy to understand. In addition, the promotion of friendly gestures such as nodding , smiling , eyes full of encouragement , encouraging, … will make students more motivated , hardworking and more favorite subjects .


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