Arnold Palmer : He brought golf to the public

In the ’60s , Palmer as a great evangelist golf to the public .
Arnold Palmer is the 3rd name that people think of the greatest golfers in history after Jack Nicklaus and Tiger Woods . Labor class but Palmer won the countless success with noble sport and the golf he had to give to the public .

Like many other legends , Arnold Palmer to golf early . His father , who is a professional golfer Latrobe Country Club has taken the path entrance . And do not take too much time , Palmer was quick to expose talent . On the surface of the rough hands he seemed inconsistent with a golf club but stay true , it’s filled with hidden power .
At 17 , Palmer West Penn Amateur title . Then Palmer received a scholarship from the University of Wake Forest University . A promising career but he was soon to leave here having lost friends and comrades because Bud Worsham car accident . Skip school , Palmer joined forces to police the sea . And then the golf industry still tied with Palmer . While stationed in Cleveland , Palmer in a few amateur events and won consecutive titles .

To 1954 , he won the U.S. Amateur Championship and moved from there to a professional hit . He married Winnie Walzer and then his first professional win at the Canadian Open . Toolbar rushing to Palmer . ..


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