Candy Crush game saga that many people can not play .

Candy Crush saga could play with one hand . This is one of the highlights is extremely important in the design of the mobile game studio that pretty much ignored for reasons of objectivity and subjectivity . However, Candy Crush Saga has done this very well . Just a hand holding the phone just has ” gotten candy ” , your game again . Real life there are many times you can only use one hand to play the game as if standing on the bus , luggage , walking the dog , … And obviously , Candy Crush Saga has successfully leverage points this .
Quick, easy to play
A game of Candy Crush Saga monitors usually only takes about 3-5 minutes , very suitable for playing ” advantage ” when free in a short time . But not only that , the effect of the design brief gameplay is feeling ” achievements ” when complete game screen . The feeling at the end of the game screen is simply a ” Compliance , finished , the next screen will be something here ? ” And click Continue habit – which will move to the new game screen immediately. Even if the players lose , there’s no reason not … try again , screen play by just takes less time .
Controlling emotions
This is a concept that is being applied to so many successful products in the Japanese market . The game system will be smart enough to recognize when the player ” stuck ” at a certain point of the game and have the appropriate changes .


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