International sporting events can not not mention .

Gareth Bale became the world’s most expensive player
Starting this year , Bale makes consuming media ” ink ” around the information he moved to Real Madrid , of course, would have nothing to say if Bale does not have the information to break British record world . The highest peak is at last summer , when Bale information is always busy on the sports pages of newspapers .
On the last day of the summer transfer market , Real Madrid spent 86 million pounds ( 100 million euros ) to get Tottenham , transfer this value to help overcome Bale Ronaldo to become expensive player The world price .
Bayern Munich won the historic treble 5
Bayern Munich have a great successful year on the arena , considering the title of this team have enough high noble title of a team to reach. First Bundesliga champions , after the Champions League and the team finished the season with a treble having won the National Cup . Jupp Heyckes farewell ” Bayern ” in Bavaria , but his successor is also a talented strategist , it is Pep Guardiola .
The national strategy put Bayern Munich Spain win the European Super Cup qualification game and is the latest title in the award of the Club World Cup winner , so Bayern Munich have 5 historic treble . Unfortunately, Bayern Munich has not won the German Super Cup to their achievements become perfect , but nonetheless won one 5 years was also great .


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