Marriage and the things you should know before you get married .

Marriage is about hundred years rather than 1.2 years , so you always need to learn the skills , for example :
How he treated the other woman in your life?
He’s close to his mother not ? He has heard the call of his sister not ? In fact , the way that men treat the women around them is similar to how he will treat you .
His past like?
If you absentmindedly while dating this then you probably do not get past his good will affect the current two. He has not gambled disabilities ? Before his wife have lived near him? Make sure that you know the basics about their future husbands prior to marriage .
His perspective on what happiness is ?
Do not be naive that he just wants a big house , a large garden , kids and a dog like you . The couple may love each other dearly , but that does not mean they have the same ambitions for the future . His perspective on marriage can never resemble your point at all. So , be open and honest with each other to share about this .


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