Root largest tulip festival in the world Canada .


Center of cultural exchange activities take place before the main headquarters building Canada ‘s capital Ottawa . This is also a fun place to bring the family for Mother’s Day – Day 12/5 , with hilarious Mad Hatter tea party .

To bring success to the tulip festival this year , the organizers have made ​​great efforts by unusually hot weather causes early flowering .

Government of Canada tulip festival held in Canada for the first time in 1953 , after receiving 100,000 tulip flower by the Dutch Royal family donated . This is a thank you gift Canada has sheltered princess Giulian and daughter over a period of Netherlands phatxit German occupation in the Second World War .

Spring Festival
Spring Festival is an annual favorite and most famous in Canada, attracting the participation of a large number of local organizations , volunteers , artists , street artists , tourists and those who prefer festival in honor of tulips , a symbol of international friendship .

Every year , around 500,000 people from North America , Europe and Asia to Ottawa to attend this festival .

Tulips became the official flower of the city of Ottawa and the variable becomes the capital tulips in North America . / .


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