The harmful effects of the gaming network for old & young

If students , youth who have passion for online games , put all that in mind , the work and learning to be faltering , even unsatisfactory , forced to leave school . They may truant , run away from home because of communication in the virtual world can not be drawn out legs .
As for health problems they have to say is more heroic warrior fights no one ever succumbing to the health of the fighters that really skinny as a stick . This really is easy to understand because they can sit by the computer every hour to hour , from day to day , with excavations strengthen willpower not to eat rice , do not need to drink water , go to the bathroom at the level of most minority . Eyes closed no rest day and night just staring at the computer screen so the visual is not destroyed but increasingly less resistance even lead to a nervous breakdown , self- deluding , stupor , schizophrenia because of excessive gaming .
Since most game games violent ( usually these games attract new gamers ) game players can freely punching , stabbing , murder , depending on your preference . From passionate game , can form character in youth violence aroused risk offenders .


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