These often make the mistake of cooking techniques – Part 3

It is wrong to say it , but talk about a little too may errors including:
Too early for me to
Where is wrong ?
Garlic is cooked ingredients very quickly, in less than 1 minute . So if you add garlic to meat dishes , such as chicken, garlic will be scorched and bitter when served food .
Tips :
Sliced ​​or crushed garlic will burn longer than minced garlic . If you want to use garlic flavor enhancers for food , let me in at the last step before you turn off the stove in case no water dish . You need to prepare the other ingredients quickly and ready for the pan when garlic has yellowed , when this steam in the material though very little but will help keep the garlic does not burn .
Tomatoes in the fridge storage
Where is wrong ?
This is a fairly common mistake . You may not know but the cells in tomato fragile , prone to breakage and decay under abnormal conditions of temperature ( too hot or too cold ) . Therefore, take the tomatoes in the fridge to hand turn the delicious tomato becomes friable powder .
Tips :
You can store tomatoes in bags or containers with mesh vents , corner kitchen storage , ventilated area and not in direct contact with sunlight. Ripe tomatoes can be preserved only 3 more days before no longer smell .


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