Top things to do for good health

To stay healthy , we should start from small things . Because of the seemingly senseless could bring great benefits and good for your health .
Here is something small but it helps to improve your health and good for you . The following tips mentioned below are from shapeshifter yoga program.

1 . laugh

Health Benefits : Improves blood flow by 21%

Research at the University of Texas discovered America , see comedy that can make blood vessels dilated fifth , the effect can last up to 24 hours , while watching a movie when a document can cause circuit blood narrowed to 18 % . So we should see things more fun amng suspense .

Experts said the study , to feel happy and laugh a lot , your body will release more chemicals that stimulate nerves , good for your heart and body health .

2 . Take just brushing which is one of the important factor from shapeshifter yoga program.

Health Benefits : The risk of cancers of the head and neck 400 % reduction

According to the latest findings of EB Cancer Center ( New York ) , the risk of cancer of the head and neck ( particularly cancers of the mouth and throat ) of those with chronic periodontal disease 4 times higher than with the normal group , even those who do not smoke can also rate this .

Regular brushing also helps to prevent dental plaque , gingivitis reduced , thereby reducing the risk of cancers of the head and neck. Don’t forget to check the whole program of shapeshifter yoga which can help you have better life.


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