Body language shows you are lying?

To see someone has lied or not , there are a number of ways:
– Liars or repeat your words mechanically : “I have not had an affair ? ” ” No , he never had an affair ! “
– They will say in a sequence , so try to make them from scratch since the opposite : ” I went to the restaurant for dinner at 9 , then 10 I met her , I got home at 10:30 “
– They shrugged saying something
– They say pouted after that ( the classic error , most people suffer )
– They look up and to the right ( creative visual signs ) when you ask a surprise not like the script . For example, if they said they stabbed so late , let ‘s ask what color the car and observed .

The above sum is not entirely applicable to 100 % of cases , because body language is a science which depends heavily on the psychology of human beings . However, the ” true eye ” you ‘re looking at , not necessarily derived from a person who is telling the truth . Let’s take a closer look okay !
Body language can help you become more real to people , be honest to everyone on the intonation can help you become better .


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