The basic weight loss effectiveness

You embrace around the legs, put his chin on his knees . Gasped 20 times . After breathe 20 times , gently lift the buttocks up , and keep breathing again to 20 . Bending , hand close to the ground , keeping legs straight – breathe out .
With this exercise , your buttocks and thighs golf course more quickly .
Action of 1 :
This action is very suitable for your office work , just need to take breaks , resting spot for fitness exercises for reducing belly fat efficiently .
Sitting upright in a chair , legs pressed together , feet touching the ground . Put his hands on his knees relaxed . Breathe in deeply and exhale strongly continuous 20 times .
Action of 2 :
This is one of the movements is simple but affecting part of your abdominal muscles are so many ways to reduce belly fat fast . These girls work should note two movements 3 and 4 .
Lightly on the seat and raised his foot at an angle of 45 degrees . Then , bend the knees towards the chest and back extensor original position . Breathe deeply . Repeat this with each leg 3 turns , each turn about 20 times . This movement helps burn up to 75 calories .


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