How effective English Language Learners boring

So you want to listen to it several times , at least 30 times , 50 times better . There are about 2-3 times hear you say it , but remember it is really wrong , your brain just a temporary store , want to remember for a lifetime is a long time to even hear it over and over again. This somewhat tedious and boring but so will you remember.
While listening you also improves pronunciation , 1-2 for the first time you hear focuses on understanding the content , the next time you pay attention to the voice and intonation , then you pause and re- read to see not pronounced the same as his . Repeating this you ‘ll improve your ability to see clearly
Of the curriculum , there are many , I would like to introduce some typical :
– Pronunciation : PronunciationWorkShop ( very good , learning through video ) ; Sounds_ pronouncing American English Stress and Intonation 2nd Edition (very full and detailed ) …
– Listening : Learn English via Listening (including 6 level , multiple threads or easy listening ) ; Tactics for Listening ( 3 volumes , or easy listening ) ; The spotlight of all radio listening ( read very slow , easy to understand , many current hot topic ) ; Effortless English of A.J. Hoge ( more than 20 million people over the world are learning , very good ) …


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