Prevention ” herpes “

Diseases caused by viruses Herpes Herpes ( Herpes Simplex Virus – HSV ) has now become a significant medical impact to public health . Many people often think , Herpes is only transmitted sexually , but in fact , the virus also causes herpes around the mouth , lips , fingers and some other places .
There are 2 types of HSV ( HHV document is written : Human Herpes Virus ) :
• HSV 1 : Causes of skin disease , mucosa of the upper body such as the eyes , nose , mouth . Transmitted by direct contact with the virus through their injury or saliva .
• HSV2 : May cause skin disease in the genital mucosa . Sexually transmitted diseases duc.Su this classification is not absolute because it can be isolated that HSV lesions at 1 in the genitals and HSV2 were also isolated from the lesion in the lips, mouth .


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