The game is free to revenue

Once you step into the online games market in Vietnam, besides the passion, the publisher should always have a strategic vision for each product , each ” card ” they hit the market needs to be certain profit . To do this , in the play of free online games , the “blood ” in the final, is simply to make money from the gaming community like.
Every gamer has a desire anyone’s first online gaming accounts also want them to be very powerful khoancua , ” solo ” hundred percent match wins , that anyone should look into silent admiration and jealous . To achieve this , players can not only play games that are both free .
Yet the perennial problem is , how much is enough cash shop . As has been discussed in the previous article , the story of ” sucking blood ” gamer , or more objectively speaking they are seeking to profit from a free game released now is the balance between price of the food items and customer care .
If only stared create new items , expensive items that forget about taking care of a large gaming community , sooner or later , will also inadvertently titles lose their capabilities .


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