Vitamins for women more beautiful

The vitamin essential for women’s health
vitamin A
This vitamin promotes optimal health . Women should supplement of 5,000 IU ( international units ) of vitamin A per day with at least 20 % beta – carotene .
Vitamin A helps maintain healthy bone and tissue , allowing the formation of strong teeth , strengthen the immune system and protect eyesight .
vitamin D
This is the vitamin for women over age 30 benefit for the formation of bones, teeth , are important in the prevention of osteoporosis in women . Researchers have shown that , when the body is supplied enough vitamin D may help curb the symptoms of premenstrual .
Some studies have shown that vitamin D can reduce the risk of colon cancer and rheumatoid arthritis . Women aged 20-50 years should additional 200 IU of vitamin D. Women from 50-70 years of age should supplement of 400 IU . Women over age 70 should be about 600 -800 IU supplement .


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