HFMD prevention and treatment .

Currently there is no foot and mouth disease vaccine . In endemic areas , the most effective measures to control the spread of disease prevention translated to healthy persons . The precautions are :
– Good people , especially children should limit their exposure to the patient if not really necessary .
– After patient care , wash hands thoroughly with soap .
– Do not cut down on blisters bullous skin patients .
– Wash the utensils of the patient and the patient’s room cleaned with antiseptic solution has chlorine .
– Need to closely monitor children with fever in endemic areas .
– Give your child out of school until cured.
The patient must be examined and treated at the medical facility dermatologist or infectious , is not self -medication to avoid complications . Currently there is no specific anti- viral drug that causes hand , foot and mouth . The treatment is mainly taking care of patients. For patients taking the drug antipyretic , analgesic ; enough water to compensate for the patient if there is high fever . Patients need to eat nutritious , eat liquid food , easily digestible ; Regular oral hygiene with an antiseptic . In skin lesions , the topical antiseptic solution to avoid multiple infections . When complications of encephalitis , meningitis , myocarditis , pneumonia hospitalizations for aggressive treatment measures .


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