How to train your voice to sing

1 . Blowing candles – ( breathing exercises ) :
1 candles lit for approximately 50 cm away or more ( sitting in an airtight room ) . Taking a deep breath and blew it’s all a bit so Candles are vibration or tilt it to one certain fixed angle slightly until the end . The purpose is so that we can get a little long and are adjusted slightly . So often when running out of steam , the intensity of the reduced steam blowing out or should be trying to adjust how blown from the start until the first interrupt is to have the same intensity ( we can see that over candles ) , as an end slightly when no longer able to blow more strongly as the original did ( this is the most difficult period , but also is the most needed ) .
2 . Slip country : to practice sound ( “a” and ” i ” only) to pronounce or stockpiling
Train sound “a” is the easiest of all the music . And the sound ” i ” is the hardest genre right , I would like to add additional negative i have to push up your nose , then we will be good singing voice and be more beautiful . Therefore ngup water exercises will help us a lot.
Get one water basin , high chair set up as possible so people from being folded so as ngup . 1 Breathe deep breath , ngup face into a basin of water ( water above the right ear ) and began to talk or sing each verse that sounds a tone and i . A simple sound you just found one a little letter ” a ” is also ( but should go on singing would be better ) so that you hear the “a” is like listening verges ” on shore ” is reached . You just try and gradually will discover many interesting things . And sound ” i ” doing so well with the lyrics i do have sound at the end of sentences or simply rewind from ” i ” also. You will know the sound ” i ” has not pushed through the nasal air bubbles escaping from your nose . Must try and to practice it because you might choke water into the nose because this practice it . This technique is hard to sing , sound ” i ” Your beautiful . You can also use this to train high- level (ascending tone up ) , this is generally how it really dangerous .


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