Night photography techniques for beginners: set 2

1 . Use a tripod for sharp images
Shooting at night is clear there will be less light and therefore slow down the shutter speed . Any any rate , from 1 to 30 seconds are too long for you to hold on the machine by hand . So , you will need to bring a tripod if you want sharp results . Make sure your tripod is definitely up properly and – very easy to become soft images because you will not have to check again . Take a camera bag hanging on the bottom of the central column of the tripod if possible . And do not hold a tripod when you ‘re shooting with a slow shutter speed , because any slightest movement can cause blurred images .
2 . Siting favorable night photography
Before opening the bottle at night , if you plan to choose in advance it will help you save valuable time later . Choose a good location , facing the best spots in your city to find light and most interesting architecture , or if you are looking to capture the patterns of traffic lights , check the busiest roads , when is the best time to capture your ideas , and where is the best place ( and safest ) to thereby pose .


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