Choosing books for children 3-9 years old

The baby even when you can not read the word can also help children read :
Children at preschool age : 3-6 years old
At this stage , children gradually learn reading skills by observing their parents how to read to their children also begin to understand the meaning of some symbols in the book . Baby will enjoy participating in the direct reading with parents by asking to be flipping the pages , ask questions and make comments on the content . During this period , the book will be an effective tool for parents to teach children the basics , such as shape , size , color . In addition, children may ask questions questions about the weather , people, animals and plants . So you should choose the type of book has many pictures of animals , plants , humans , the natural world .
Children of school age : 6-9 years old
Children at this age begin to learn new words , new concepts every day and can start to read on their own. This phase should select books appropriate to the child’s cognitive level . If parents overestimate child’s reading ability but choose the ” sublime ” , the depressed child may not like to read anymore . The ” child readers ” are more suited for a variety of books have simple words , something clear circuit . Whatever you do should consider the appropriateness of the review !
As more and more young adults, Appetite child’s reading will increase. We like books portray real life of family , friends , school .


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