Adding vitamin how to not get sick?

We can say vitamins are indispensable quality of one’s body. So Vitamins and minerals are substances that have a low percentage of body but the quality is very important in the vital activity of the body.
What has two sides of it. When lack or excess of these substances will cause different illness and sometimes life threatening.
Vitamins have many types, based on the physical properties of this vitamin it is classified into two groups. Groups such as water-soluble vitamins B, C … lipophilic groups such as A, D, E … You have to learn your body lacks the substance to supplement it.
Minerals are substances such as iron, zinc, copper, gold, calcium, magnesium, sodium, potassium, chlorine, phosphate, sulphate …
Every day our bodies require a minimum amount of minerals. These substances must be supplied through food, drink or medication as necessary because the body can not synthesize these compounds. Please pay attention to logical addition.


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