Choosing books for children 3-9 years old

The baby even when you can not read the word can also help children read :
Children at preschool age : 3-6 years old
At this stage , children gradually learn reading skills by observing their parents how to read to their children also begin to understand the meaning of some symbols in the book . Baby will enjoy participating in the direct reading with parents by asking to be flipping the pages , ask questions and make comments on the content . During this period , the book will be an effective tool for parents to teach children the basics , such as shape , size , color . In addition, children may ask questions questions about the weather , people, animals and plants . So you should choose the type of book has many pictures of animals , plants , humans , the natural world .
Children of school age : 6-9 years old
Children at this age begin to learn new words , new concepts every day and can start to read on their own. This phase should select books appropriate to the child’s cognitive level . If parents overestimate child’s reading ability but choose the ” sublime ” , the depressed child may not like to read anymore . The ” child readers ” are more suited for a variety of books have simple words , something clear circuit . Whatever you do should consider the appropriateness of the review !
As more and more young adults, Appetite child’s reading will increase. We like books portray real life of family , friends , school .


Toys and games useful for her intellectual

Nowadays , many parents have realized that through toys and games to help children develop more comprehensive . Therefore, the parents have spent a lot of time to learn and choose for their children intelligent toys safe , educational to facilitate their children have access to good things most .
On the market today there are many kinds of toys , one toy brand is quite famous parents believe that user choice and wooden toys . Wooden toys are very diverse and rich in design , suitable for all ages . In particular , each group will appropriate toys for each child’s personality , helping parents choose easily .
The ages are separate types of toys under the age of each child , the child is free to choose the best suitable items and according to their own favorite . But parents should also be noted that not to overdo the amorous games too much affect baby’s health .

How to practice to develop muscles and toned body : The features of reasonable workout routine

1 . Duration is a reasonable exercise of 45-75 minutes ( 60 minutes is best ) : After 75 minutes , the amount of muscle and burn fat hormones like testosterone that the body produces begins to decrease . So , if the result is the 75 -minute episode will not help you gain more muscle and reduce fat too which also affects the recovery of the body . Although it sounds ridiculous but it’s true . The time you should maintain a moderate amount of training .

2 . Vacation time between arrivals set should be maintained at a minimum ( 90 seconds or less ) : Rest between sets not turn helps you to quickly complete the workout but also helps to improve the cardiovascular system very much . In addition, proper rest also helps increase growth hormone levels at the highest level .

3 . Depending on your goals that set up in a number of plays for the 8-15 and 15-25 respectively muscles for physical training for several reasons :

– The amount of blood pumped to the body at the highest level to set the times as above . This is important because blood provides nutrients to help nourish and restore muscle tissue faster .

– The repeated so will avoid injury because you can control your weight lifting numbers .

– It is through the collective views of this increased amount of muscle and fat reduction is high .

(Note: When muscles , I also encourage you to maintain the number of turns in the new 5-8 as this ensures the right amount of power needed to maintain muscle mass gains

4 . Practice to form diverse and alternator: Never ever a collective exercise . If you are an athlete , when doing so , will certainly not increase muscle too . Not to mention that it will be easier for you cause boredom . Is the most appropriate level of training alternating between average from 8-15 turns each exercise set in about 3-4 weeks with 5-8 sets per exercise respectively .

To have a job like that … what should you do ?

The following information will help you find a job more easily :
– A list of friends or business contacts can to help you get a working position without posting job announcements ;
– Public Library ( a great source for newspapers from around the country , the newspaper has the reputation , and the magazine published periodically contains employment information ) ;
– TV stations in the area ( which also provides employment information for employers in the region ) ;
– Radio in the area is also a good opportunity to work for you ;
– The Internet is also a place where every day there are hundreds of jobs for you .
Then you call the companies that you feel suits their abilities , and also asked to name the people you send your CV to them .
Experience: if you write an application for a job , please apply in writing directly to the person you hire . This little trick will help you have great success right from the start for a job .

Night photography techniques for beginners: set 2

1 . Use a tripod for sharp images
Shooting at night is clear there will be less light and therefore slow down the shutter speed . Any any rate , from 1 to 30 seconds are too long for you to hold on the machine by hand . So , you will need to bring a tripod if you want sharp results . Make sure your tripod is definitely up properly and – very easy to become soft images because you will not have to check again . Take a camera bag hanging on the bottom of the central column of the tripod if possible . And do not hold a tripod when you ‘re shooting with a slow shutter speed , because any slightest movement can cause blurred images .
2 . Siting favorable night photography
Before opening the bottle at night , if you plan to choose in advance it will help you save valuable time later . Choose a good location , facing the best spots in your city to find light and most interesting architecture , or if you are looking to capture the patterns of traffic lights , check the busiest roads , when is the best time to capture your ideas , and where is the best place ( and safest ) to thereby pose .

HFMD prevention and treatment .

Currently there is no foot and mouth disease vaccine . In endemic areas , the most effective measures to control the spread of disease prevention translated to healthy persons . The precautions are :
– Good people , especially children should limit their exposure to the patient if not really necessary .
– After patient care , wash hands thoroughly with soap .
– Do not cut down on blisters bullous skin patients .
– Wash the utensils of the patient and the patient’s room cleaned with antiseptic solution has chlorine .
– Need to closely monitor children with fever in endemic areas .
– Give your child out of school until cured.
The patient must be examined and treated at the medical facility dermatologist or infectious , is not self -medication to avoid complications . Currently there is no specific anti- viral drug that causes hand , foot and mouth . The treatment is mainly taking care of patients. For patients taking the drug antipyretic , analgesic ; enough water to compensate for the patient if there is high fever . Patients need to eat nutritious , eat liquid food , easily digestible ; Regular oral hygiene with an antiseptic . In skin lesions , the topical antiseptic solution to avoid multiple infections . When complications of encephalitis , meningitis , myocarditis , pneumonia hospitalizations for aggressive treatment measures .

The procedure for safe online shopping

Follow these tips for safe shopping following :
1 . Do not ” shopping” in public places such as cafes Wifi , schools , airports , … Save your purchases when you go home . By what ” public ” anyone can use the security capabilities will certainly not high .
2 . At the payment stage , verify the security of this website by searching for these signs to ensure safety following : Locks in the lower right corner of the page ; Https in the address bar on the browser or a new browser address bar 1 green .
3 . Paying by credit card if possible because it will provide more protection in case of fraud .

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