Education at home, the answer to the problems of education today?

First of all , let’s look at the most important elements of creativity : ideas . Another idea requires people forced to ” run ” it immediately , do not hesitate to be . What happens if you think she ‘s a good dance ? She can data or geographical math when all that is going on in my head the other creative dance ? Flexibility of home education is an extremely clear advantage compared with school education . With children creatively inclined , this is more important than many times the normal child .
On the other hand , promote creativity does not mean that you have to ” sacrifice ” the basic knowledge . Try to think of the history lesson , where your son can draw on the great battle , drawing the great men of history . The boy will surely promote gifted his painting vacung can learn academic knowledge important . Between this and learning how to ” book banning rote ” , what better way for your child? The answer is pretty obvious .
In a home school environment , pressure from tests , assignments and criticism will be reduced a lot . Most importantly , children’s education at home not being molded into the conventional way of evaluating schools .


Tips steaming hot rice as delicious cold rice

God is very cold winter so cold rice from noon to dusk fast to be dry and hard . It would be a waste if you ignore the cold rice . Many people brought cooked rice cooled down again but will do a light lunch . The most effective way to save is to bring cold steamed rice . But interesting way to get the plastic bowl of rice fragrant rice as a new application has to be secret , sisters and offline reference !
Cold Steamed rice with rice cooker
This method is simple and effective . Can you give some water into the rice cooker , then cooled rice into a bowl and put in the pot . Next, turn on the button and just a few minutes to cook rice is cooked hot but also as new .
Steamed rice cooled microwave
If you do not like steamed rice with rice cooker , you can steamed rice cooled microwave good as new rice cooked , not dry at all .
Sisters just for cold rice bowl ( for use in the microwave ) . Get membrane sealed food rice bowl again . Then rotate the pot microwave , rice is very tasty and not dry .
Steamed rice with new
If you ‘re new rice is cooked add the cold rice can also into new rice steamed together by : Wait exhausted after new rice cooker , rice salt just cut a little cold rice in place . Then pour some hot water into it and let it cool on rice , rice get new earth backfill .

Some foods affect your oral health.

Here are some foods that can be considered harmful to your teeth if you eat more . Therefore , you should avoid eating them constantly .

1 . The acidic foods

Dr. Dabholkar said that acidic foods are bad for your teeth because it makes enamel eroded away . He said that after eating foods such as oranges , lemons , grapefruit and tomato … You should brush your teeth , rinse your mouth thoroughly to reduce the backlog acid on the teeth , causing tooth enamel causing tooth destruction becomes sensitive .

2 . The starchy foods

We tend to consume a lot of junk food or foods containing starch without knowing their effects on your teeth . Some starchy foods such as potato chips , white bread , pizza , pasta and burgers … can be easily trapped between teeth .

Although these foods do not have roads but they soon starch converted into sugar almost immediately because the process of digestion begins in the mouth , it is also harmful to the teeth .

3 . Soft drinks , energy drinks

Sugary drinks such as carbonated beverages , especially energy drinks are bad for your teeth if you drink them regularly . Dr Jaradi said : ” Soft drinks are the leading sugar-containing foods that children and adolescents or drink . Besides , it also contains phosphoric and citric acids erode tooth enamel .”

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